Windsurf the Boatyard Sets You Up With Everything

Windsurf the Boatyard Sets You Up With Everything

Are you planning a vacation?

Get out and enjoy the sunshine and tropical breezes on South Padre Island. This gorgeous island is one of the most fun places to vacation and offer tons of fun activities, from windsurfing to kayaking.

You can absolutely enjoy what this little piece of heaven has to offer.

Do you want to make the most of your vacation and enjoy this island to the fullest?

Let Windsurf the Boatyard set you up with great deals on equipment rentals as well as kayaking, windsurfing and windsurfing lessons.

  • We are professional instructors skilled in teaching windsurfing and kayaking.
  • We offer rentals on all types of professional sporting equipment.
  • We offer gorgeous vacation rental homes.
  • We have been renting to and providing lessons to vacationers for decades.
  • Our prices are great and we offer convenient scheduling.